AI Technology Innovation-A new age pivot for the community of challenged Deaf people; sign & non-sign language users

We enable social interactions in real time for the hearing/speech impaired globally.

Hello Ryan, how are you ?
Hey Emily, I am good. Shall we use Silencespeaks App?
Hey Emily & Ryan, use super app to communicate.

A deep tech AI app helping Deaf & aphonic for the future.

Our Solution

Who ?

We present an innovative communication application that was developed by AI & Data science engineers from the UK. This application helps and enables sign language users to interact better and have social conversations with one another. It also helps its users to work, study and communicate globally on a daily basis with users who have hearing abilities, and vice versa.

Why ?

We have lacked reliable communication apps for over 70 Million Sign Language users in the globe and 2,50,000+ in the UK. These sign language users constantly face a day to day challenge to in communicating for social inclusion, accessing healthcare, be being a part of mainstream education & work job opportunities, catering for their basic needs, accessing public transport systems and lots more. These factors give us a reason to come up with ways we can help the hearing impaired to live comfortably, wherever they find themselves.

What ?

We use Deep Tech such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse and convert sign language into text, which is overlaid for other participants online or offline, and vice versa, analysing voice input and providing text overlays for the deaf or hard of hearing participants. people with auditory processing disorder

An Innovative Technology to communicate with hearing/speech impaired

Silence Speaks enables & empowers public and private enterprises to collaborate with key underserved aspects of society, in order to communicate better.

We harness Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to achieve positive results. We do this by using the latest ML/AI tools to analyse and manipulate core data for good in order to aid the needs of the hearing/speech impaired with basic council, transport services, education and workplace communication.

Social Inclusion - We would love to collaborate with Sign Language Interpreters, Companies, Enterprises, Advocacy Groups, Schools and Colleges as part of our vision in order to add value and solve the paint points for the Hearing/Speech Impaired Community.

Silence Speaks, helping to communicate with sign-language users globally.

Building Blocks of Sign Language

The manual signs in sign-language are generated and interpreted using three basic building blocks: Handshape, Motion, and Gesture articulation. When these basic blocks are combined, the three components (together with palm orientation) uniquely determine the meaning of the manual sign.


Our robust algorithm, analyses the handshape and motion trajectory of each manual sign as well as their position with respect to the signer real-time, we allow self-occlusions, imprecise localizations of the fiducial points.


In our approach, the 3D motion and place of articulation of the signs are also identified, we use structure-from-motion algorithms to recover the 3D structure and motion of the hand.

Gesture articulation

We make use of the main linguistic components of manual signs identified because our algorithm can provide robust recognition over a large variety of signers and points of view.

Our Vision

To enable and encourage social inclusion by using app an application that allows hearing/speech impaired individuals to communicate better. Our unique objective is to provide seamless services to 250,000 British sign-language users by 2025. Going futher, we aim to cater make provision for 70 million sign language users across the globe.

Social Inclusion - This involves Interpreters, End Users, Advocacy Companies, Schools and even Colleges. We partner with sign-language interpreters and hearing/speech impaired advocacy groups, ensuring maximum end value due to gotten from qualified insights and inputs.

It is a unique app that helps and enables sign language users (hearing/speech impaired persons) to integrate associate with hearing users for basic services such as transportation, healthcare, work, study and communication. It provides an interface for various enterprises to serve everyone satisfactorily, without having limitations of people who have hearing disorders.


British Deaf Association

The BDA is an organisation of deaf or hearing impaired people which presents a diverse, vibrant and ever-changing community of deaf people.

National Deaf Children’s Society

The National Deaf Children's Society is a special body where we give expert support on childhood deafness, raise communal awareness and hold campaigns for deaf children’s rights, so they in order to help them have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People

At RNID, we are the charity organisation that is working to make life fully inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss or tinnitus.

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