We Enable You to Achieve All Your Digital Goals.

From the stage of ideation to the final milestone of your digital journey, our team of experts help you choose the right technologies and offer you post-deployment support throughout the entire journey to your success. You can rely on us to provide topnotch services in:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Application Design
  • Development & Implementation
  • AI, ML, IoT & Cloud Integration

Ideate - Validate- Deploy
A Customer First Approach

Our Deep Domain Expertise

With our rich years of experience across specific industry verticals, we assure you that our solutions are tailor-made for your business. They are also cost effective to cater for all your technology choices.

Big Data & Analytics

  • Data analytics
  • BI
  • AI
  • NLP
  • ML
  • TensorFlow ML
  • Data Stream Pipelines
  • Data pre- & -post processing

Blockchain, Cloud & IOT

  • Web & Mobile
  • UI/UX
  • Frontend
  • RPA
  • Devops
  • Ethereum
  • Kubernetes
  • Corda
  • Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger

Strategy Consulting

  • CX Strategy & Design
  • Product Strategy & Design
  • Data Strategy & Consulting

Your Digital Transformation (DX) Strategy Partner

Various companies of all sizes are getting enviable business outcomes from our digital transformation services, such as improving efficiency, maximising revenue growth and reducing operational costs.

Align with Business goals

Digital transformation isn’t a one-off project or initiative, rather, it’s a process that strategically positions your company to have all that is required for the future. Create a reliable foundation for digital transformation out of business priorities and defined business value, with our valuable inputs that are backed up with research.

Start Small & Strategic

Following our tested principles of growth, we recommend that you start small and be strategic with your first digital transformation initiative, because they are critical to yielding value and ensuring the long-term success of your strategy. So you must take the proper steps and time to identify an impactful way to jump-start your DX efforts for long term growth.

Map Out Technology

With so many new-age technologies and a dearth or lack of resources, it is tough to arrive at a technology roadmap that is full proof. Our expert technology guidance at Sonority helps you with making the right choices for your initial and future initiatives, which would be an essential building block to your digital transformation success.

Rapid Prototyping

Our first-mile prototyping expertise gives us a key advantage for rolling our new-age services and products, with great speed, while strengthening your core competencies, understanding your business, accelerating your positive results and driving all your initiatives forward. This entire process is critical to achieving your digital transformation outcomes.

Gather Feedback and Refine

One of the hallmarks of an organisation that is undergoing a digital transformation is agility. Putting in place a strategic roadmap is essential, but being willing and capable to adjust according to results is the ultimate path to success.

Scale and Transform

Transformation looks different at every organisation, and that’s what makes the digital transformation strategy so important and essential. We co-work with your various teams & help you with a personalised roadmap of where change is most effective, which brings us to the ultimate aim of your organisation.