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We are grounded with expertise in the following tech domains:

Foundational Technologies - we are available to assist you in foundational emerging digital technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain and IoT which are known to quickly evolve and we help you understand these technologies: what is possible with these technologies? What’s not possible with these technologies? And what and what is being hyped? And everything else!

4IR or Industry 4.0 - We guide you to ace the Industry 4.0 uprising with our services, we co-work on your ideas and then we help you to implement emerging digital technologies that promise efficiency, cost reduction, and flexibility. A lot of people do not understand the essence of ROI today, talk more of understanding how to take advantage of it in their businesses. So we show you how to Extract ROI from these technologies and use it for your growth.

Digital Transformation - We help our clients with digitization and integration of vertical and horizontal value chains, digitization of product and services, as well as data visualisation.

R&D and innovation- We are in the midst of a transformation. From Natural Language Processing (NLP) to informatics, digital tools, etc. We skillfully collaborate with you , find whitespace, understand trends, and advise you towards the right solution.

Startup's ,   Entreprises ,   Agencies

Your (DX) Strategy Partner

Companies of all sizes are now achieving enviable business outcomes from digital transformation efforts such as improving efficiency, maximising revenue growth and reducing operational costs.

Align with Business goals

Digital transformation isn’t a one-off project or initiative, but it’s something that strategically positions your company for the future. We help you create a reliable foundation for digital transformation that is based on your business priorities and defined business value, with the help of our valuable inputs & expertise.

Start Small & Strategic

We recommend ways and methods you can follow to start small and be strategic with your first digital transformation initiative. This is because they are essential and critical to proving value, and ensuring the long-term success of your strategy. Thus, we take the proper steps and time to identify an impactful way that will jump-start your DX efforts and positively set you up for a steady, long term growth.

Map Out Technology

With a lot of new-age technologies being invented daily, having a dearth or lack of resources makes it difficult to arrive at a technology roadmap that is full proof. Sonority consistently helps you with making the right choices for your initial and future initiatives which would be an essential building block to digital transformation success.

Rapid Prototyping

Our first-mile prototyping expertise always gives a key advantage for rolling your new-age services and products with a great speed, and at the same time strengthening your core, accelerating results. At Sonority, we also use our proven tactics to drive technology initiatives forward; this is critical to achieving successful digital transformation outcomes.

Gather Feedback and Refine

We understand that one of the hallmarks of an organisation undergoing a digital transformation is continuous feedback and refinement of our outcomes. Putting a strategic roadmap in place is essential, but being willing and capable to adjust according to results is the ultimate path to success.

Scale and Transform

Transformation looks different in every organisation, thus, the digital transformation strategy is extremely important to achieve your set goals.Our experts will professionally co-work with your teams in order to help you get a personalised roadmap. This roadmap will aid you to quickly scale your business and figure out where change is most effective within your organisation.


Transformative Tools, Expertly Applied

We breathe technology and stay on top of the applications that are actively shaping the world. When you work with us, we’ll guide you to understand what lies at the heart of your challenge, before digging into our toolbox to find—or create—what’s needed to generate impactful, scalable change.


A good IT strategy creates a balance for two (2) elements: first, supporting daily operations and then development for the future (new architecture, new systems, new technologies). We help you focus on Strategy Formulation, Implementation, Evaluation.

Digital Services

We use our experience and skills to accelerate your path to unlocking meaningful insights. This will help you to predict possible outcomes in future and adequately make plans for what's coming.

Data & Analytics

A data strategy is a good foundation for all of your data practices. We help you to avoid having a patch job for your data problems, guide you, and implement a long-term plan to solve all of your data challenges and support your business goals.

AI & Blockchain

When AI and blockchain are brought together, it gives a powerful combination of technology edge that improves virtually every industry in which they're being implemented. We help you to identify the right technology choices that would be great for your business.

Cloud Infra Modernization

Our expert team helps you with modernization (“lift-and-shift”)—moving your on-premise applications to the cloud with as little change as possible. We also carry out Replatforming in some cases, where we change one or more components of your applications to achieve a higher level of optimization in the cloud.

Agile Transformation

We help transform an organisation's form or nature gradually to one that is able to embrace and thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organising, fast-changing technology environment.

Innovation & Future Ready

Our professionals are equipped to help you capitalise on new approaches to data, with new-age DevOps skills, Build data-rich tech platforms, sharpen your value agenda and impactful ROI.


We Build the Plan, Create a Design, Provide Governance, Develop, Deploy , Test, Manage and Monitor ... and then we Scale.

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Defining The Future Of Business

We work with you to create breakthrough experiences by delivering technological change. Together, we strategically imagine and create solutions that disrupt entire industries and build resilience in the face of the unknown. Our strategy always focuses on yielding critical outcomes—like increased agility, efficiency and growth—and delivering measurable value.

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Designing and Developing

Researching and discovering, gaining a deep understanding of our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs and collaboratively create an end-to-end digital product or service.

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Experienced Team

Our leadership team has over thirty years(30+) of combined experience in executing start-ups and large enterprise projects in USA , Europe & MENA. We have a sound technical background, a result-oriented and problem-solving team, excellent sense of decision-making, interpersonal skills, effective leadership, and most importantly, absolute trust of our clients.

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Prototyping and Iterating

We prototype initial phases of a project by learning from our past valuable research, sharing & exploring ideas and test concepts to gain immediate feedback and insights.

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High Quality & Increased Efficiency

We deliver a high quality technology stack, which is robust and speedily helps in your product deployments. Having us in your business helps you save thousands of dollars that could have been spent on operational costs.